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Application Types

Matriculating (Degree Seeking)

New matriculating students are seeking a degree.  Adult/nontraditional students who are thinking about attending Rutgers should carefully review the endorsed majors that are offered at times more flexible for adults. Some majors offered at Rutgers-New Brunswick are not fully accessible for working adults and might require change in work and personal schedules.

Students should first review all the programs offered at Rutgers-New Brunswick.  Future students with prior international credits and/or degrees applying to Rutgers must have their educational credentials evaluated for equivalency to a U.S. Bachelor degree or credits, individual course evaluations and GPA, using a NACES accredited credentialing agency.

We invite adult, nontraditional students to Assess Your Skills and Interest prior to applying.

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Non-Matriculating (Non-Degree)

Adult/nontraditional students who are thinking about visiting to take courses at Rutgers for non-degree study may apply in various ways depending on the term of enrollment and space-availability.  There may be restrictions on the number of credits permitted to complete as a non-degree visiting student. Please be aware not all schools enroll non-matriculating students.

Apply for Summer                 Apply for Winter                     Apply for Spring/Fall*                    

*Students applying for the spring or fall terms to non-degree or certificate programs offered by a school may apply using the undergraduate admissions application, which may requires an application fee and then an enrollment fee upon acceptance. 

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External Transfer Students


Transfer students are high school graduates who will have completed 12 college credits or more before attending Rutgers as a matriculated student (this excludes current high school students who are also taking college courses).  Transfer students with prior international credits and/or degrees applying to Rutgers must have their educational credentials evaluated for both equivalency to a U.S. Bachelor degree, U.S. credits, individual course evaluations and GPA, using a NACES accredited credentialing agency. 

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Internal School-to-School Transfers


Currently enrolled Rutgers undergraduate students working toward a degree who wish to apply for admission to another school within the university must submit the online school-to-school transfer application. Students can transfer between Camden, Newark, or New Brunswick as long as they meet the Requirements for Admission and Graduation.

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Re-enrolling Students

If you were previously enrolled in a Rutgers undergraduate degree program (other than the School of Health Professions) and wish to return to take undergraduate courses at the same or another school within Rutgers, be sure to carefully review the admissions/graduation requirements for the school before deciding.

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Veterans at Rutgers in New Brunswick

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is recognized as a center of excellence for veteran students among the nation's military services, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and institutions of higher education nationwide.

Identify your student type found on this page to apply and get more information about veteran and military services at Rutgers, please visit the Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services.


Graduate Students

The mission at Graduate and Professional Admissions is to assist students interested in graduate or professional study to find the right program and then to support and guide you through the application process.

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