Student Support Services

​​In order to best empower students to advocate for their own educational and developmental needs, Rutgers University provides different student-centered resources. These services are intended to make our Ethic to Care a reality, and make sure that students have access to services they may require for everyday activities, or in times of need. While some services, such as Housing and Dining Services, are provided at an additional fee, there are many services at Rutgers that operate at no extra cost to students.

Student Support

Our campus partners offer support to many of our nontraditional students. With the myriad of services at Rutgers, it can be overwhelming and challenging to find the right fit for you.  Educate yourself on policies impacting nontraditional students. Avail yourself of support services frequently used by our nontraditional students.

Student Services

Helping you to identify further resources, OTNTS offers you the one-stop directory of services for current students.

Student Experience

Now that you have identified the specific support and services you need to help you succeed, it is time to consider how your experiences will enhance your academic life.