Scarlet Forever

The moment you graduated, you became a member of the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA). That means you belong to a worldwide community of more than 500,000 Rutgers alumni. With a network that big, you can always count on being able to participate in Rutgers events, get back in touch with friends, and show your scarlet spirit.

Alumni Association

Need to keep up with upcoming events, latest news and what is trending?  See all of the University resources available to you now and always.  There are exclusive benefits for you, volunteer opportunities, clubs and groups you may be of interest.  Best of all see how our campuses have transformed!  Don't be a stranger, you are a scarlet forever.

Student Record Address Change

Keep your permanent address current to ensure that your official mail is sent to the proper place.

To change your official permanent address used by Rutgers University offices, go to:

Alumni/Former Student

Transcripts and Verification

To order a transcript of your academic record, grades and cumulative grade point average.

Don't need transcript of grades, but just a free verification of each term enrolled, degree awarded and GPA