Amml Hussein

Picture of Amml Hussein

Originally featured in the Fall 2009 newsletter

Amml Hussein is the newly elected President of the University College Council for the 2009-2010 academic year. The UC Council, which meets twice a month fall and spring semesters, is a student organization that serves undergraduate nontraditional students in New Brunswick. Amml grew up in North Plainfield, New Jersey, and attended North Plainfield High School where she was an honor student. She was member of the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams, the National Honor Society, and the National Spanish Honor Society, to name a few. Throughout her attendance at North Plainfield School, she remained extremely active, spending her time in the Academic League, Science League, Marching Band, Concert and Jazz Band, and Concert Choir.

After graduating from high school, Amml married and gave birth to a son. She then enrolled at Reignbow Beauty Academy, graduated as a licensed Cosmetologist, and worked at a few hair salons until she decided that she wanted to obtain more education. While applying to college, Amml divorced, and this changed her life. Amml was challenged by her desire to pursue a higher education and the demands of being a single mother. She realized that she needed to achieve some balance between her role as a mother and a student, and with the support of her parents, she was able to overcome many obstacles.

Amml decided to attend University College, New Brunswick, where she is pursuing a double major in Journalism and Media Studies and Social Work, with a minor in Psychology. After college, she plans on attending law school. Her love of justice and the law have greatly influenced Amml to choose activities and experiences that expose her to human rights and aspects of the law. They also provide her with a variety of rewarding networking opportunities. She has a passion to help others like herself who have been through trying circumstances. She is currently working on an effort to create a scholarship fund in memory of a former social work student in Camden who was a victim of domestic violence and passed away two months before her graduation.

Amml is a nontraditional student who prides herself on tackling issues at the University that affect other nontraditional students. From first-hand experiences, she is aware of their struggles, particularly in balancing their schedules at home, work, and school. She has worked in the past as the Senator of the University College Council on writing resolutions for parking privileges for students who have children. In addition, Amml was the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, when she wrote resolutions to diversify the schedule of classes for winter and summer sessions. This year she will work to improve the Rutgers experience of fellow nontraditional students. She also wants to offer more support services to veterans whose dedication to the United States should be honored and recognized.

As President of the University College Council, Amml pledges to expand services to address the concerns of all nontraditional students. She is passionate about giving students an opportunity to succeed, and she is committed to developing projects that will assist nontraditional students in their academic studies. She strongly believes that individuals can achieve any goal that their heart desires if they are dedicated and willing to put in the effort.