Bridget Greenleaf

Picture of Bridget Greenleaf

Originally featured in the newsletter prior to Spring 2007

I have been an employee here at Rutgers for over 10 years. Working at Rutgers has afforded me the opportunity for a comfortable living and an education. During the course of marriage and raising a son, it was very hard to focus on my education. I had two very important people relying on me for support, time, and love. Now that I am a widow due to the untimely death of my husband, and my son is now married with three beautiful children putting me in the "Grandmother" category, I have more time for me.

The deans and counselors at UC have been angels in my eyes. Since April 2006, I've been taking classes each semester and plan to continue to do so until I walk with the other graduates in the "Class of 2010."

Thank you Rutgers-UC!!!