Graduating Students

Congratulations Senior! You will soon be graduating! You will be required to complete administrative tasks before you graduate.  See the following items for a smooth departure.

Graduation and Senior Review Checklist


Review your Online Transcript/Degree Navigator portal 

Graduating seniors are asked to review their online transcripts to ensure that errors (if any) are caught before certification of diplomas. Students should look for typos, incorrect duplicates of transfer credits/courses, and especially omission of transfer credits/courses. Degree Navigator must be checked regularly to ensure that all degree requirements have been satisfied. Specific degree requirements vary according to unit of enrollment, but at a minimum, graduation requirements include:

  • Completion of all general education courses;
  • Completion of all courses required for major(s)
  • Completion of all courses required for minor(s);
  • Accumulation of minimally 120.0-126.0 degree credits depending on your school
  • Cumulative GPA minimum of 2.000.

Students who have questions/concerns about whether they are on track to graduate should contact their advising deans office.

Complete the online Diploma Application

The University, only upon recommendation of the faculty, confers degrees after a formal application has been filed by completing an online Diploma Application. Undergraduate degree candidates must file their Diploma Applications by the following deadlines: August 15 for an August-dated degree, January 15 for a January-dated degree, and May 15 for a May-dated degree. 

A student’s “Diploma Name” must match his/her name as it currently appears in the Rutgers Database. Students who wish to have a different name appear on their diploma must submit a “Change of Name Form” along with two forms of evidence that they are already known by the new name (such as a marriage certificate, driver’s license, Court Order, passport, or bank statement). 

Degree candidates are given the option on the Online Diploma Application of receiving their diplomas by mail, at the Registrar’s Office, or at the School’s convocation ceremony only if that option is available through the candidate’s school. Students who choose to receive their diploma by mail must ensure that their contact information is up-to-date.


Clear all Outstanding Financial Obligations

Diplomas and Official Transcripts are withheld from all students whose financial accounts and debts are not cleared. Examples of outstanding financial obligations include: parking fines and tickets, unreturned library books, unpaid tuition and fees, unpaid housing fees, and outstanding exit interviews, unpaid student loans. Financial holds may be paid online through the Office of Student Accounting, Billing, and Cashiering.

Complete an Exit Counseling session                                                         
An exit counseling session is required by federal law for all students who have received a federally funded student loan. Exit interviews are to be completed when students are graduating, moving onto a graduate school (at Rutgers or at another institution), leaving the university, or dropping below half-time attendance. Exit interviews must be completed for each of the federal loans you received (ex. Students who received both a Federal Direct Stafford Loan and a Federal Perkins Student Loan would be required to complete at least two online exit interviews). If a student neglects to complete the required exit interview(s), a hold will be placed on the student’s record.
Visit University Career Services
Although students should regularly visit University Career Services during their academic careers at Rutgers, it is especially important to do so when preparing for graduation. Important resources available include: applying for graduate school, preparing for the job search, and information for individuals searching for a job. Please be advised that as a recent Rutgers University graduate, you can still utilize all of the resources provided to you by University Career Services. In addition to utilizing their resources, graduating seniors should also fill out University Career Services' Post-Graduation Survey. A summary of the survey results is available through an online searchable database on the University Career Services’ website to help students develop strong career plans.
Obtain your Academic Regalia

Your regalia—which is your cap, gown, tassel, and academic colored hood—is required to participate in Rutgers University Commencement and all convocation ceremonies. Degree types receive different academic hood colors. Know your degree type before purchasing (BS degree candidates-Gold, BA degree candidates-White). Regalia will be available for purchase in the spring through the University Bookstores

Senior Portraits

The Office of Student Engagement contracts with Lors Photography for Senior Portraits. Lors Photography sends letters to graduating January, May and October seniors. If you have not received, or have misplaced your letter from Lors Photography, you can click this link:

Click Forgot Login/Password, this will send the credentials that have been assigned to you. If, for some reason, you are not listed, the link will direct you to Customer Service so you can be added. Contact Meg Reardon at Rutgers’ Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement at: 848-932-7962 if necessary.


Visit the Commencement Website and your School’s Convocation Website


For additional information on the University-wide Commencement ceremony, graduating undergraduate students should visit the University Commencement website which is updated regularly with new information for seniors. For information on convocation ceremonies, students should visit their individual schools’ convocation websites:


Need a Verification of Degree Completion or Duplicate Diploma?

Need to provide proof of enrollment without showing full transcripts of grades? Get your instant Verification of Enrollment here:

Senior Days Events

Visit the office of Student Affairs for senior days events:

Need Health Coverage after Graduation?

For more information about the Continuation Plan offered to students after graduation, visit:

Download a PDF version of the Senior Review Checklist