Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations on your admissions to Rutgers-New Brunswick! Students new to Rutgers are required to complete administrative tasks to establish your identity, create your record and review provided services for your individual needs. Returning and School-to-School transfers are required to update information as well. See the following items for a smooth transition.

First Things First Checklist

Activate Your Netid and Email

Newly admitted students to Rutgers can activate NetID on the Enrollment Pathway. Re-enrolling and NM students can activate NetID through NetID Management. School-to-School (S2S) transfer students within New Brunswick are not required to update information. S2S transfer students from Newark and Camden campuses can find more information about setting up/updating your accounts on the Student Technology Guide.

Learn your RUID and PAC

Your RUID ( # # #-00-# # # # ) is the Rutgers University Identification number - a unique 9-digit number used in place of your social security number. The number was assigned to you during the admissions process. Your temporary Personal Access Code (PAC) is a four-digit number made up of your birth month and day (ex. March 28 = 0328). PAC can be changed through the Office of the Registrar. Although the University requires your netid to be the primary source to access resources, the RUID and PAC are the secondary credentials to use for web registration and bill pay. Returning students should first register for classes using with RUID and PAC to allow for reactivation of netid.

Update Emergency Contact

All students, especially re-enrolling students, are responsible for ensuring that their address and emergency contact information is up-to-date.

Financial Aid, Transcripts, MyDashboard
Apply for Financial Aid

All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Circumstances and economic resources can change mid-semester, so plan ahead. Speak to a financial aid advisor immediately if you encounter any financial problems and check your aid status at Rutgers.

Submit Official & Updated Transcripts and Test Scores

Send final official transcripts from all prior colleges/universities, the record of your HS diploma (or GED), and all official test scores (AP, CLEP, etc.) to Rutgers University, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 65 Davidson Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Official transcripts and test scores ensure you get the transfer credit you earned.

Review your online Rutgers Transcript and Verification of Enrollment

View your grades online at the end of each semester. Online transcripts requests are available to you by entering your NetID. Financial holds preclude you from receiving transcripts. Enrollment verifications can be used as proof of enrollment at Rutgers without sharing your grades, for insurance purposes, employers, etc.

Transfer Credit Evaluations

Based on the transcript(s) provided, new students may view a completed initial transfer evaluation online using your RUID and PIN. School-to-school transfers and returning students will receive an email of the transfer evaluation once all transcripts are evaluated. You can also review your transcript for updated information.


Visit myRutgers to access myDashboard, the beginning of many future upgrades to improve the student experience. Term bill, financial aid, class schedule.

Orientation, IDs, Advising and Registration
New Student Orientation
Register for a New Student Orientation (NSO) Program
New Students can register for an orientation program provided by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) through Enrollment Pathway. Not to be confused with Academic Planning and Advising (APA) Days. Returning or current Rutgers students new to New Brunswick should contact NSO.
Connection ID Cards

The RUConnection card grants access to services provided by the University libraries, computer labs, recreation centers, and sporting events. You may also use your ID card to manage RU Express accounts and meal plans. Upload your photo today.

Register/Attend your School’s Registration Academic Planning and Advising Day.


NOTE: School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) and Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy (EJB) register here Academic Planning and Advising.

Class Schedule, Course Registration, Special Permission, Degree Navigator

Course Registration, Schedule and Changes

The online Schedule of Classes is available to the public for all semesters (Spring and Fall) and sessions (Winter, Summer). During the first week of the fall and spring semester, all students can change their schedules through the WebReg system. If courses are full, keep checking the status online since students continually update their schedules and spaces may open up. For additional information, please visit the Office of the Registrar.

Obtaining Special Permission Numbers

A special permission number is a six-digit number that allows students to register for a class that is closed or requires special permission to register. Only the department or professor may issue these numbers. Contact the department that offers the course to find out how to obtain the special permission number.

Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is a user-friendly audit and academic planning and advising system that enables students to view program(s) of study, academic profile and progress, course listings, and program and degree requirements. Review your degree navigator page often.

Need to Review Tutorials?

Students admitted to Rutgers are encouraged to learn to be self-sufficient by reading all materials, links, etc. Searching for answers are a click away. See the following tutorials:

Rutgers Programs

Tutorial Youtube Links

Rutgers Program Links

How to use Rutgers Schedule Planner Tutorial:

How to use Degree Navigator Tutorial:

How to use Webreg Tutorial (Please be aware this is a Newark Campus example):

Health, Housing, Dining and Parking

Submit Required Health Immunization

See immunization requirements and visit your portal. Failure to comply will result in a registration block for the following semester and will prohibit  access to housing assignment information.

Are you a FT student without personal Health Coverage?

Rutgers University policy requires comprehensive health insurance coverage for all students who are registered full-time enrolled in a degree-seeking program. All full-time students must have self-provided or Rutgers-contracted health coverage. Full-time students who do not have health insurance must enroll in and pay for an insurance plan offered through a national provider. The cost of the plan is added to your term bill. Full-time students who have an existing insurance plan may waive Rutgers-contracted coverage, but will be required to complete an online waiver each semester. Learn more about your coverage.

Apply for Housing

Whether you’re a first-year student, a junior contemplating your housing options, or an undergraduate student with children, Housing and Residence Life provides the resources to help you find housing at Rutgers–New Brunswick. Off-campus housing services are also available. Apply early.

Have you signed up for a dining plan?

Rutgers meals are designed with the needs of the university community in mind. Dining services works continuously to satisfy diverse tastes, preferences and schedules by providing different locations and menus on each campus, number of meals in each plan and extended take-out hours within each dining hall. Learn More.

Purchase a Parking Privileges

Commuter and residential students are allowed to have cars on campus. Vehicles must be registered and students must purchase parking privileges through the Department of Transportation Services. Students must be registered in order to purchase parking privileges.

Special Audiences

RU an International Student?

Rutgers serves international students, scholars, faculty and their dependents. Meet your advisor.

RU a First-Generation College Student?

Rutgers has a long-standing commitment to first-generation college students no matter what type of student: First-year, Transfer, Veteran, or Adult/Nontraditional. Programming continues to be developed. Visit RU-1st often.

Are you a Veteran or plan to join the Military?

Rutgers is a veteran friendly school and not only supports veterans, but students interested in ROTC programs or future military service. Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services supports veterans, military, and eligible family members through comprehensive programs and services.

Are you a Female student or Interested in the Bunting Program for NTS?

Douglass Residential College has dedicated professional staff that offers female students personalized attention and unique experiential learning opportunities. The professionals at Douglass are deeply dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. After graduation, students are a part of the dedicated Douglass alumnae network at the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College and the Rutgers University Alumni Association, which offers lifelong friendships and career development opportunities.

Planning to Live On-Campus or Off-Campus?  

Whether you’re a first-year student, a junior contemplating your housing options, or a graduate student, Housing and Residence Life provides the resources to help you find housing at Rutgers–New Brunswick, including details on housing applications and the housing lottery. Looking for resources and assistance with off-campus housing? We’ve got it. The Off-Campus Housing Service will help you find housing, or a roommate, and sort through issues involved in renting, such as leases.

Special Services

Do you suspect that you have a Disability or Need Special Accommodations?

The Office of Disability has teams that provide the necessary tools, resources and support for individuals with disabilities to become responsible decision-makers and self-advocates in charge of their own future.

Tutoring Services at Rutgers

If you are having a difficult first semester, reach out to your professors. They will direct you to either the Rutgers Learning Center or other academic support services such as the Math & Science Learning Center. The learning centers can help you with time management and test taking, as well as course content.

Do you need support to balance your life?

Rutgers is dedicated to providing medical and counseling services. Their mission is to ensure and promote positive physical and mental wellness on campus and in your lives. Seek Services and Self Help intended to provide basic information and refer you to professionals. Don’t let your academic life struggle...find a balance.

Code of Student Conduct and your role in Academic Integrity at Rutgers?

 Learn the ins and outs of Rutgers expectations and processes important to you while you are with us.